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Sexual Secrets
Thursday, October 11th, 2007
12:04 am - ** STICKY ** Please read first

Have you ever felt so completely close to someone emotionally, that you think it can't get any better? IT CAN! Emotional security can bring many good things, especially great sex. This first entry is sort of like a dedication page if you will. It's the beginning to an exciting adventure through our amazing sex life, and all the tips we have to offer. Of course we'll start out slow, make sure any timid readers feel comfortable first. And any entry that is a little more.. risque if you will, will be marked X, XX, or XXX depending on the content. Enjoy my friends, I know we do.

~Elysa & Jeremy~

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
10:48 am - It is with sad news..
Elysa and myself have parted ways for personal reasons; hence the lack of updates. I apologize to the fans out there for never updating while we were together and for having to cease this project. However, I will leave these pages up for awhile for anyone who wishes to read them and get ideas for their own sex-lives.

Thanks everyone for all of the kind comments and for sharing in our sexual exploration.

~ Jeremy

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Friday, April 7th, 2006
5:34 pm
Hey guys!

sorry its been so long, nothing has been going the way we've been planning. Just wanted to let you guys know that we're still around and we miss sharing everything with you.

we'll update more as soon as we have a minute to sit down and think- things have been crazy around here!!!


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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
9:49 pm - it's been way too long
Oh my goodness it's been so long since either of us has written anything in here. We apologize guys, it's been super busy around here this last bit.

Where to begin? Well we're still having the most amazing sex! Just the other day Jeremy and I were getting into things when I looked at him and said "I want you to take control". And oh my god did he ever! It was probably the best sex we've ever had, or at least one of the best times. It was like an earthquake in the bedroom, and not one you would run to the basement and duck for cover either. By the end of it all the bed was practically in the middle of the room, we were both sweating and panting, and we had mind blowing orgasms.

Sorry to keep it so short but work is calling my name.


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Sunday, November 27th, 2005
2:39 pm - *X* Quick Update *X*
Our apologies for a lack of updates again. We've been so wrapped up in work and buying Christmas presents that our sexlife has dwindled for the time being *gasp!*. However, we haven't been completely inactive. On Friday night we had a bit of fun with Elysa's collection of booty shorts and my newly acquired collection of lesbian porn. The night started off with the new red shorts with the lace-up back and a nice back massage. After we got worked up, she slipped on the crotchless panties and we fired up the same video that got Elysa so worked up last time and I sucked on her nipples and fingered her pussy while she used her new vibrator. It's amazing how quickly she can reach orgasm now between the combination of nipple stimulation, clit vibrator, & lesbian porn. We actually have to slow things down a bit so she can take her time and really enjoy the sensations.

We have a small question we need feedback on. We now have 3 toys and want to name them but are looking for suggestions. There are the following toys:
1. Fokuoku 9000 Clit Massager (Elysa's main toy that fits on your finger)
2. A clit/pussy vibrator/dildo (can be used external or internal)
3. An anal vibrator/dildo


~ Jeremy of
~Sexual Secrets~

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
10:42 pm - ~ADD TO MSN~
Hey Guys

So a little while ago I asked you to e-mail me ideas for Jeremy's birthday present. I've added an new idea to this, which is you can add me to your MSN lists (if you want) and we can chat that way as well. Also, we can further talk about everything we write about and more!!
Hope to hear from you soon


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Monday, November 21st, 2005
9:43 pm - new booty shorts and lesbian porn...
So as I mentioned, got the new booty shorts last night. So after Jeremy showered I was waiting for him in bed wearing only them. I told him I wanted to watch his favourite porn and suck his dick while he watched, and that I wanted to watch something while he ate me out. Well I got to watch it first and it was hot. Two blonde college girls suckin on each others nipples and eatting each other out and 69ing... i was ready to cum within minutes. doesnt help that jeremy was sucking on my nipples and licking my clit and fingering me. Oh god was it good. fucking amazing I must say. And It was one of those stop start orgasms (i was trying to hold off) and it lasted a few minutes until I was just knocked out. Poor Jeremy didnt get his turn but next time for sure. I cant wait.

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Sunday, November 20th, 2005
7:37 pm - sex surveys etc
So Jeremy has apparently bought me a new pair of booty shorts that are red and tie up in the back or something. I haven't seen them yet. Expect an update on how it all works out after tonight.

Alot of you have been asking for the sex surveys. I will post them, but Im going to have to modify them a bit and figure out which ones are for getting to know you or for i want to know everything about you. So in a few days I will have something put up. I promise. I just have so many to go through, and not enough hours in the day.

Im still very addicted to my latest sex toy. that thing is absolutely amazing. I love it. I could spend every waking hour in bed with it... and Jeremy of course. :) The other day, I was using it on myself as Jeremy watched and asked him to fuck me just as I was about to cum. He put his big hard dick inside my tight pussy and fucked me good and hard. After a few minutes of hom fucking me and me using the toy on my clit, I felt the most powerful sensations race throughout my body. I had the biggest, best orgasm of my lifetime. It was so good I think I blacked out and forgot who I was. It was amazing. no, amazing doesnt even begin to describe it. I don't think there is a word in all the english language that could describe how good i was feeling.

So back to the new lingerie Jeremy bought me. Im thinking tonight I'll put them on, turn on some porn, suck his dick a little... or maybe a lot. And after getting off myself I'm gonna fuck his brains out. Stay tuned for the re-cap. And stay tuned for the sex surveys, they are coming. I swear.


current mood: curious

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
2:52 pm - *XX* Facial Fantasy *XX*
The other day, Elysa and I were fucking as usual and were thinking about taking it to the shower for some fun. I've sort of had this fantasy lately to cum on various parts of her body (see the post a few weeks ago about me cumming on her ass and licking it off) and one spot has been actually on her mouth and face. I brought the idea up to her a few weeks ago in a survey and she wasn't completely against it (which surprised me) so I thought about actually bringing it up in the moment. Here's how it happened:

After we had fucked for a bit and we gave each other oral, I brought it up to her and she agreed. I straddled her chest while she lay on her back in bed and started jacking off. Just as I was about to cum, she leaned forward and opened her mouth a bit and I came inside and all over her chin, lips, neck, and chest. Just as I was finishing, she grabbed me and pulled me down. I licked the cum around her lips and we french kissed for quite awhile. Needless to say, it was incredibly hot and got me really turned on.

I have no idea why this was even a fantasy for me. I think she originally worried it objectifies the woman but that definitely isn't it for me. I've never thought of Elysa as a "sex object" and any of the "dirtier" or "porno-movie" type acts I've wanted to do were never for that reason. I personally think it has to do with a few other things. For one, it requires a significant level of trust for a loving couple to be able to do things like facials, anal play/sex, using toys together, licking your own cum, etc. I also think it just adds an extra level to the whole sexual experience. There are times I just want to be close to Elysa and slowly make love to her. There are also the times when I want to get freaky and do crazy sexual acts like you'd find in a porno movie and live out your craziest fantasies.

I'm interested to hear your opinions? Do any other guys like facials? Any girls? Why?

~ Jeremy of
~Sexual Secrets~

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Monday, November 14th, 2005
9:20 pm
Ok so I've been absent for a little while. Sorry guys, just been busy with work. It's been more work and less sex lately, which Im not a fan of. I need to get laid... BAD.

So Where was I? I mentioned the crotchless panties right? MUST BUY! I really think every girl should have at least 10 pairs of them. Honest. And the new vibrator is working its magic. I think its a little loud, but I still like it. Im really excited to get the rabbitt, but, Christmas is coming and moneys tight.

I want to ask for some feedback on this next scenario Im about to mention. Jeremy's birthday is coming up and I want to do something really special. I was thinking of renting a limo for us and our friends for the night, and after everyone is dropped off and Jeremy and I have some alone time, I would give him his present in the limo. I was thinking of wearing a skirt with my crotchless panties underneath. the only problem with this is perverts looking up my skirt, but i'm sure I could avoid such mishaps. But I'll spare you the full details and the short form of the story is its an easy way to fuck Jeremy's brains out in the back of the limo. But then again, that all seems so teeny bopper prom night don't you think?? So I need some suggestions of a great sexual present for Jeremy. You can reply here but I'm sure he'll read them, so you can also email me at elysamarie@hotmail.com and put JEREMYSPRESENT as the subject line and i promise he wont read it. Gotta keep him surprised right?

I dont know what made me think of it, but Im seriously having some odd fantasies come in and out of my mind. And also, some strange desires. Lately, all I want is to have Jeremy suck on my tits, and spank my ass. I love to be spanked. Why I don't know. Just do. My latest fantasy involves a combination of jeremy spanking me repeatedly, licking my clit and fingering my ass, and lets not forget sucking on my tits. mmmm. sounds good right? Add in some dirty talk and Im ready to cum. God I want to cum.

So anyway, Im not in the writing mood, but felt I had to write something. Let me know any suggestions for Jeremys birthday gift.

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
8:39 pm - *XX* New Anal Toy *XX*
A few days ago, Elysa and I went and bought the Fokuoku 9000 clit massager, an anal toy, and some crotchless lingerie. She's already mentioned that the lingerie was a big hit and is a great piece of clothing if you're like me and really love the look of seeing your beautiful woman in a sexy outfit. We always get a laugh when she puts on her booty shorts because I'm always torn between leaving them on and taking them off of her. These new crotchless panties allow me to have my cake and eat it too (pun intended! ;) and they look amazing on her. The clit vibrator was also a big hit for her and it's very simple to use toy, quiet, and small enough to discretely hide away when the inlaws come over for coffee or to keep in your pocket for when you just can't wait to get yourself off. I guess that means we're 2/3 so far. On to the anal toy..

First of all, selection was difficult especially since we were trying to find something we could both enjoy and use on each other. It was my first time having any kind of toy near my ass and Elysa and I had only briefly experimented with her previous vibrator just a bit on her. We stayed away from the Jelly vibrators because the silicone ones last longer, are easier to clean, and felt better than the Jelly ones. In the silicone department, we wanted something for the novice-beginner which ruled out a bunch more toys that were a little "larger" then the rest. We opted for the Royal Mini-Mole which had a Sue Johanson recommendation on the box (any other Torontonians out there know that Sue Johanson is a sex goddess and rarely has bad advice. She also recommended the Fokuoku which is the main reason we chose it.) Today we only had time for a quick shower and for Elysa to get herself off with her new toy before she had to go to work so I was left a little horny and home all alone with porn and a new anal toy. Curiousity got the best of me and I brought out the new toy and decided to see if an anal toy would add anything to my experience. Now guys, let me tell you, sitting alone and deciding to use an anal toy on your own self for the first time while jacking off to porn is not an easy thing to actually do so don't think that you're alone if you are hesitant to try it. It took me about 20 minutes of looking at porn and getting myself really worked up before I finally decided to give it a go.

I started by just putting a condom on my middle finger and putting some water-based lube (for silicone toys you can't use silicone lube as it deteriorates the material. Even with a condom on the toy, I decided to play it safe as silicone sex toys are NOT cheap!) on my finger and slowly rubbing around my anus. After a few minutes of this I slowly inserted my finger and got used to the sensation by slowly pulling it out and putting it back in. Don't panic if your dick goes completely limp because it happened to me and I think it's just because I was concentrating on relaxing and not staying "in the mood". After awhile I put two fingers in my ass and then finally decided to try the toy. I got a new condom out, put it on the toy and lubed the hell out of it. Anyone who owns or has seen the Mini-Mole knows that the tip is ball-shaped on the end (wider then the middle) and this was the hardest and most uncomfortable part of getting the toy inside me. Just go slow and concentrate on relaxing and everything should go fine. If it hurts, back off and add lube and try again. After I got the toy inside me, I put it onto slow vibration and adjusted to this sensation. I started concentrating more on getting myself worked up again and started jacking off and before long I had it on level 3 of 4 vibration and got myself off fairly quickly.

Now your all wondering whether or not I enjoyed it and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure. I didn't not enjoy it but it also wasn't a mind-numbing orgasm. I was a bit frustrated by the fact that I had to hold it in with one hand the whole time although maybe that's just because I'm not used to it, wasn't relaxed enough, or don't know how to control my muscles to hold it in. Only experience and testing will determine that. When I came, it did add an extra bit of pleasure to my orgasm for sure but the whole experience of cumming was a very different sensation. I can't say that I liked it better but it was a different and interesting experience. I will definitely try it again and will get Elysa to use it on me sometime. I imagine it would feel good while having sex (if I could keep it in) and would probably feel like heaven if she sucked me off with it in but I really don't know. I will keep you updated on when I try it again next.

I'm curious as to what other people have to say about anal vibrators. Are there tricks to keeping it in? Any advice or tips or specific products we should get? Etc etc.

~ Jeremy of
~Sexual Secrets~

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5:34 pm - Don't panic!
We are still here and we haven't abandoned our readers. We promised to do updates every day or two however we want to alter this for the Christmas season to about every 4 days until the new year because our work schedules have both picked up. This leaves us less time to write updates and less time to experiment in the bedroom. But don't despair! We went out and bought some new toys and new lingerie so we'll have some fun updates coming up right away. Keep checking back and keep asking us questions. Thanks to everyone for all your support and please make a stop by here every few days to see what we're up to. Feel free to post comments in the *STICKY* thread at the top about your own sexual adventures as we check back every day.

~ Jeremy & Elysa ~

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Saturday, November 5th, 2005
7:24 pm - Im sorry guys
Hello everyone.

Sorry I have been making myself scarce lately, just been a little wrapped up in some stuff. Its come to my attention I have to write about what girls like when it comes to sex and foreplay etc etc. Well, unfortunetly I only have enough time right now to give a short entry. So I will get to the do's and don'ts later. Right now I just want to say that crotchless panties should be the #1 thing on your gift list this holiday season. Seriously. Just bought a pair today. They're red and the front is a sequined butterfly. So hot, Im surprised they stayed on. Jeremy saw them and then that was it, we were naked in bed, fucking away. Of course, I sucked his dick a tiny bit beforehand, just to get him goin.

I got to really suck his dick this morning while he was on the phone. Apparently the person on the other end could hear me moaning away. GOOD. Let it be known we are always having a good time in this house.

Anyway, I'll finish up later. Sorry its so short guys but I gotta work.

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
2:42 pm - *X* What Guys Like *X*
To answer the first question, we're discussing if we are going to share any of our pictures or videos of us having sex. We have two goals. The first is to remain anonymous because there are lots of people here in Toronto who could probably recognize us if we posted anything too revealing. However, we've also decided to share with the world our experiences and the types of sexual acts that can be enjoyed between two loving and trusting partners and pictures and videos could certainly add to our words. Please note that we are NOT out to make money so we won't be charging for them if we do post some in the future (in other words, we aren't going to become a porn site). Just keep checking back and we'll keep you updated on our decision on this matter.

As for Leah's question about what guys like and where they like to be touched, this is a pretty subjective answer. There are things that most guys definitely like, some that most guys definitely don't like, and others that can go both ways. To make it more confusing, each guy is different on how they like it done. Let me see if I can help out in a more specific way at all.

Almost all guys like oral sex, however it has to be done properly! I don't know any guys who don't like when their partner uses a hand while they are giving head. Just use one hand and stroke his dick in the same motion as you are sucking. For handjobs and for any kind of oral/hand stimulation in general, wetness is definitely best. For straight handjobs, either wet his dick with your spit or use a lube. For blowjobs, make sure you make it nice and wet, including where your hand is. A lot of guys have trouble cumming from just a straight blowjob unless they are already close to cumming. A few tricks are to have sex first and get him really worked up. Also, having him jack off in front of you and then motioning you to suck his dick when he is close to cumming is a huge turn-on for most guys. Most guys do NOT like biting! Some may like light nibbling and a lot of guys like a bit of "head foreplay" where you lick the tip of his head or run your tongue up and down his dick but once you start sucking, it's the consistent motion we want. Keep going back and forth and don't change anything too much. If you want him to cum and he doesn't after a minute or two of this and if your guy is a bit shy then take charge and tell him to fuck you for a few minutes until he is close or tell him to jack off in front of you. This is a great time to either sit there and finger yourself, play with your breasts, or play with him. The last option is a bit tricky. Most guys like having their balls caressed gently or licked & sucked gently, but some don't. Be very very very very gentle in this area though. Suck very lightly and don't squeeze at all or rub his balls between your fingers. Just gently caress, lick, or suck.

Another option is to lick the perenium area between his balls and ass. This is a pretty sensitive area. If you're in the shower or just had a shower, you could get really risky and try licking his ass or fingering his ass very gently. If this is new for your partner, he might be a bit shocked so go VERY slowly and work your way to the area. This way, if he senses you getting close and he doesn't want you to, he will probably arch his body back a bit or squeeze his butt cheeks. Sometimes this happens reflexively and if you're dealing with a shy guy, feel free to try it like this a few times. If it always happens and you absolutely cannot talk to him about it, then forget the idea (otherwise, talk to him about it). If your partner lets you and you are comfortable with this, it is a big turn-on and feels incredible while you're either jacking off or having your dick sucked. If you both are comfortable with male anal stimulation, a great website to read is the following: http://www.askmen.com/love/vanessa/23_love_secrets.html

I should also point out that, believe it or not (at least for me), gravity is against male cumming. What I mean is, it's harder to cum when I'm laying on my back. Blowjobs feel great in the 69 position or when relaxing when lying down, but it's extremely hot when Elysa pushes me against a wall while I'm standing up, orders me to take my pants off, and starts sucking my dick. I'd recommend if you have a shy partner not to look at his eyes while doing this. Just concentrate on his dick and let him watch since eye contact can make him self conscious. However, if your partner is not as shy, looking at his eyes while sucking his dick can be a huge turn-on.

And finally on the topic of oral sex, if you don't mind your partner cumming in your mouth but like to be warned first, then have some kind of signal. I find it distracting if I have to tell Elysa I'm close so we talked about it and agreed that when I'm close, I will grab her hand or shoulder and squeeze lightly. However, I've become very vocal lately when she sucks me off so I usually warn her with loud yelling :). The point is, a blowjob for a guy can be one of the most incredible feelings but he has to be totally free of thought so he can sit back and enjoy your magic. Do your best to make sure he isn't self-conscious, worrying about when he is going to cum, whether you are enjoying it, etc. Moan and tell him you like when you suck his big hard dick and find a way to get him to relax.

Unfortunately, conventional vaginal sex is one of the most subjective topics for guys in terms of enjoyment. Guys in general like a wet and tight pussy (see my Nov 1 post regarding Kegel), they like lots of foreplay first so they are bulging and feel like they are going to explode, they like different positions, and they like it when you take control a bit and make it known that you are enjoying yourself. Now on to the specifics. Although a lot of guys like the occasional "Bend me over and fuck me right now" quickies, almost all guys like getting really worked up first. Hopefully you have a partner who enjoys mutual stimulation and is turned on by it but I'll let Elysa cover the "How to stimulate a girl" post and concentrate on what guys like. Starting off slow with a handjob and getting him to touch you is great and then moving to a blowjob, 69, or playing with yourself and using a toy on yourself also turns on a lot of guys. Of all those, though, I'd stress the handjobs and blowjobs as being a very surefire way of getting your guy worked up. Now onto the sex. Some partners are very controlling in bed or very submissive. If this is the case, you can try to turn the tables in either direction either by spontaneously doing it or by talking about it. Either way, most guys like when a girl takes a bit of control and just starts sucking his dick, riding him from on top, bending over and telling him to fuck her, and so on. For the more submissive guys, try telling him that you want him to take control. For some guys (me included) it can take a lot of times for the girl to do this and in my case, Elysa had to prompt me with examples before I started to actually take control. She'd say things like "I want you to take control" or "I want you to do whatever you want to me" and things like that. I was always nervous of what to do but she'd prompt with "Do you want to bend me over?" "Do you want me to suck your dick?" and it helped a lot. I started to grow comfortable with the idea and with asking her what I wanted her to do.

Different positions are also a turn-on. If you aren't creative, go buy a a sex-position book and slip it under his morning coffee or bring it up in bed one night. In general, most guys like doggy style as it is a controlling position, allows a GREAT view of your body/ass, and it has a different feeling to it that feels amazing. Many guys also like when a girl rides him from on top as he can see her full body and play with her tits. Keep in mind the gravity thing I mentioned above. Personally I find it very difficult to cum when Elysa is on top but it is probably my favorite way to start having sex. I love the initial penetration feeling when she grabs my dick and slowly sits on it. For the more missionary-type positions, let him take more control over the speed and pressure if you want to pleasure him. I think what's best is if the woman controls everything at first so she has fun with the tempo and speed she wants but the guy takes control at the end. A lot of guys have a specific speed, pressure, tempo, and angle that they prefer if they want to cum. For me, I like my dick to be almost at a 90 degree angle to my body so I'll lean back a bit. The same goes for blowjobs and handjobs. If I'm on my back, it feels better if my dick is pointing straight in the air rather than more flat to my stomach. Other guys may be different for this so you'll have to try and gauge by your partner's response or just straight out ask him. Again, prompting helps a lot. Say something like "does this feel better or this?" and try both.

One last thing on the topic of conventional sex with a partner you care about: NEVER FAKE AN ORGASM. Most guys know that most girls don't orgasm from actual sex. A lot of guys also can start to figure out if the girl is faking it during manual or oral clit stimulation. If you do fake it, you are hurting yourself and could potentially seriously damage your partner's ego. You aren't doing anyone any favors. If you aren't orgasming from sex, don't panic. A lot of girls don't. Elysa does VERY RARELY and only when she's on top and my head is pushed into her tits (she really gets off when I lick her tits and she is able to control the grinding). If you want to orgasm during sex, go get a clit vibrator and use it at the same time and this will likely be a turn-on for your partner! If they seem to take offense then either don't do it and realize it probably isn't going to happen, or sit him down and talk about it and point out some websites that confirm that sexual orgasm's are rare. Either way, don't fake it! If he ever finds out he will be devastated and will likely be very hurt and self-conscious. He will also lose a lot of trust in you. For oral and manual clit stimulation, again, toys help a lot. Better than toys is to actually tell or SHOW your partner what you like. Move his hands, push his head, tell him when he's hit the right spot, moan when he's doing it right, and so on.

Most guys are turned on by the thought of anal sex for a number of reasons. Some deal with the taboo side of it, some with the fact it's supposed to feel "tighter", some because it adds a new level of trust and sexuality between you, some because it makes you appear more willing to satisfy him in bed, and some yet just because they are very experimental. Whatever the case may be, for most couples this is a hard topic to bring up. As I've said before, Elysa and I really started to explore our sexuality when we started sending each other sex surveys through email. This allowed us a sense of anonymity and time to think over our questions and answers carefully. When the question of anal sex first came up, she was totally against anything relating to it. No sex, no touching, no licking, no toys, etc. I honestly didn't have a problem with his as I'm perfectly satisfied with the rest of her body and everything else we do sexually. However, after awhile she actually came to me and asked why it interested me and I told her (for me it's a mix between all the reasons I listed above). Now we are gradually experimenting more and more with it and are actually able to verbally talk about it and ask each other if we want to try something dealing with anal stimulation. I guess the first question you have to ask yourself is if you even want anything to do with anal sex. If not, don't bring it up! If you do, then there are a lot of very clever ways to bring it up. I'd personally recommend going out and renting a porno video with some anal sex scenes in it. When those scenes come on, say to him, "I wonder what that would be like. Have you ever thought of trying it with me?" Expect him to be quite shocked and probably unable to come up with an answer. He's either going to be one of the 10% who doesn't want to even consider the idea, in which case he'll probably say no right then and there or he'll have thought about the idea and been too scared to ask. In this case, he may avoid the question, look away, blush, or say "I don't know". You can then either pursue the issue depending on the mood or you can say "well think it over because I'm interested in trying it sometime if you are", or you could just straight out ask him if he wants to try it. If you both agree it is an option, I HIGHLY recommend sitting down together and researching the topic a bit so you both understand. For her it'll probably be a very different sensation at first and she'll need to read about how to relax and how to possibly stimulate her clit so she can distract herself and enjoy it better. For him, he needs to know to be slow, use an excessive amount of lube, to be very gentle and let her control the pace, and to also provide clitoral stimulation if possible. He also needs to understand that if you say "stop" than he better stop.

Toys can be very fun and add a lot to the experience for both of you. I recommend the first toy bought be something for her, usually a clit stimulator, just so the idea of toys can be introduced slowly. She should use it alone once or twice to get used to the toy and to feel comfortable with it. I also recommend that once you are used to it and if you are ok with the idea, one day during foreplay, go and get the toy and ask him if he minds if you use it while he plays with your tits or watches. Most guys will not be opposed to this idea at all. Male toys are a lot trickier to introduce and I don't have much experience with them yet so you can either do some research and surprise him with one or stay tuned for an update on our experiences with them.

Analingus and anal fingering for both guys and girls is a very different experience and can seem quite "gross" for a lot of people. If done safely and with cleanliness in mind than it is an amazing feeling and a very big turn-on for some couples. We usually do most of our experimenting in the shower or just afterwards. Watching porn and bringing it up is one way to initiate conversation about this topic if you are interested in it. Another method might be if your guy is fucking you from behind, start fingering your asshole a bit. This will likely turn on a lot of guys and they may get the hint. If they seem to enjoy it, grab there hand and put it there. For analingus, we started by Elysa telling me she wanted me to lick her entire body. At first I thought she wanted certain areas excluded and I ended up just asking her what areas she didn't want me to lick. All she said was "my hair" so I slowly worked my way to that area and when she didn't push me away, I took the hint. For trying this on a guy, see my last entry of November 1/05.

Watching porn is usually a big turn-on for guys and a lot of girls as well. A lot of guys are too shy to mention it to their partner though because some girls do take offense to it and every guy has a friend who sat down for some beers with the guys and said "So I threw in a porn tape today as a surprise and she told me to sleep on the couch!" OK, maybe that's a bad example, but there is a hidden fear there that the female partner may freak out at the idea. This is another area where the girl taking the initiative will likely make the guy say "Wow, are you kidding me?!" under his breath. Either bring it up and tell him you want to rent a video or buy a magazine or go to the store and rent some and surprise him. What guy wouldn't like a romantic dinner followed by "Debbie Does Dallas 523"?! I should also point out that a lot of guys will be afraid to pick out what they want at the video store for fear that she won't like it. I recommend for the first few times if the gal picks out something that appeals to her or just go and pick some stuff at random. Trust me, he likely won't care what you pick (aside from male porn) and just the thought of you getting turned on and wanting to watch porn with him will be enough to get him worked up.

I hope all of this helps. Let us know if there are any other topics you want covered and please be specific so we can be specific with our answers! Also, feel free to post back with updates on how things went or if you have different opinions and advice from what we offer. We are mostly going by experience and we could be the exception to the rule.

- Jeremy

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
4:23 pm - *XXX* Licking cum off her ass? *XXX*
I apologize for the delay in updating but here is our latest adventure, dealing mostly with anal play. I should point out that it's only within the last five months of our lengthy relationship that we've really began to be so sexually adventurous. As we mentioned, it mostly had to do with our constant use of emailing sex-surveys to each other which became progessively more XXX and very specific to the questions. I can't stress enough how important it is to be honest with your partner. Although it seems like Elysa and myself will try just about anything sexual, which is pretty close to the truth, we both have our boundaries and are honest with each other when one of those is reached. Not everyone out there will want to have their partner cum in their mouth and not everyone out there wants to have their ass touched in any way. You must respect this. At first Elysa was completely against any kind of anal play at all and I never pushed the issue. One day she asked me why I was interested in it and I told her. It takes a lot of trust for most couples to explore certain aspects of sexuality, such as anal sex, and if she was interested in trying it than it can add a lot to the experience but at the same time, if she wasn't interested it was not going to affect our relationship and definitely wouldn't affect our sex life. All you can do is ask your partner what they think of the idea. Be nice and respectful when you do it and explain to them why you'd like to try it. If they say no, ask them if you can bring it up again sometime in the future and see if they've changed their mind. If not, then just forget about it. There are people out there who are not sexually explorative and I honestly feel sorry for those of you who are with a partner like that but not everyone is stimulated by or interested in certain sex acts and for those things your partner isn't interested in, the wonderful world of porn is a great way to enjoy the fantasy of it if you can't actually experience it. With that being said, mutual anal play as well as mutual tasting of cum (for lack of a better term) are two acts that Elysa and myself have become more interested in experimenting with at the moment. We've also grown a lot more comfortable together with telling each other what we want in the middle of sex as well as talking dirty to each other. If you're comfortable with your partner, this can be a huge turn-on and can lead to some interesting experiences. This weekend we took it all a few steps furthur.

As usual, Elysa got me worked up by touching me through my clothes and once that happens, it's basically an invitation to start rubbing her tits. I'll start with slowly rubbing her stomach and along her sides and then finally and very gently rubbing the edges of her breasts. I'll gradually start squeezing harder and harder and using my thumbs to rub her nipples. Once she's starting to really get worked up, I'll slide my hands under her shirt and do this with just her bra on until my hand makes its way to her back and I'll unsnap the clasp. Then I'll push her bra aside, lick my fingers so they're nice and wet, and start rubbing her nipples harder and harder. This is exactly how we started this weekend until she put her hand down her pants and started playing with herself. As much as I love watching her do this, I can't take it very long because once she's wet all I want to do is taste her pussy. I undid her jeans and pulled them off her legs while she took her shirt and bra off. Then I had some fun.

One of my new favorite ways to eat her out is to be at her side and lick from the top of her pussy so that I have one hand free for her nipple and the other hand free to finger her ass. As I squeeze her breast and rub her nipple, she'll go to work on her other breast and, amazingly enough, she can lick her own nipple. Down lower, I'll lick beside her clit to tease her, licking up and down the insides of her thigh. I'll slowly start fingering close to her asshole as well. Eventually I'll start flicking my tongue gently over her clit and inside her pussy. As I'm eating her out, I'll slowly bring my finger to her ass and slowly rub in a circular motion. I did this for awhile until I was so worked up and hard that I couldn't last any longer. She sensed this and asked me what I wanted and so I started to straddle her chest and told her I wanted her to suck my dick and lick my balls. As she was doing this, I turned a bit so I could start fingering her pussy and rubbing her ass at the same time. Then she asked if I wanted her to finger my ass while she sucked my dick and I said yes. I went and got the lube and she went very slowly as this is a very new sensation for me. She made sure to suck my dick at the same time so the sensation was magnified and eventually her whole finger was inside me. Guys, trust me on this..this is a great feeling and if you can get over the aversion to having something in your ass and if your partner is comfortable with the idea then I STRONGLY urge you to try it!!!

After a bit of this, I wanted to return the pleasure and I wanted to fuck her wet pussy for awhile. I told her I wanted to take her from behind so she knelt on the bed and I stuck my hard dick inside her. I have to interrupt myself here and mention something to the ladies. Girls, as you probably know, tightness is a huge turn-on for guys. Some women are naturally not as tight or can be less tight after having children, surgery, etc., and although I'd hope this isn't a significant problem for you or your partner, it can be less pleasurable for both of you. If you want to go through with the effort, I suggest looking into Kegel exercises to help you control the vaginal muscles. I must stress that under no circumstances should you feel obligated to do this and if your partner is angry or demands that you do them, then you need to look for a new partner. However, if your goal in the bedroom is to maximize each other's pleasure, then bring up the topic with your partner if you sense there could be a problem. Now back to my story. Elysa definitely does not need to practice any kind of Kegel exercise! The initial penetration inside her pussy is this climactic point somewhere in between "oh my god that is so tight my dick is going to break" and "oh my god I think I'm going to cum right now". In other words, it's amazing. As I'm starting to thrust I asked her if she wanted me to finger her ass and to my surprise, she said yes. I reached down and grabbed the lube (use silicone-based for anal play as it doesn't dry up as quickly) and slowly and gently started fingering her ass while fucking her from behind. As I said before, throughout all of this we had been talking dirty to each other and telling each other what we wanted. As we're fucking my mind is racing with fantasies and thoughts and then I realized I wanted to try something different. I'm becoming increasingly turned on by analingus and Elysa is really turned on when I lick my own cum and kiss her, so in the middle of fucking and as my finger is halfway in her asshole, I say "When I'm going to cum, I want to pull out and cum on your ass and lick it off and kiss you." I honestly expected her to say no or to ask me just to cum on her back but again to my surprise, she nodded. This turned me on even more and then when I finally felt that surging feeling in my body, I pulled out and came all over her back and on her asshole. Then I bent down and licked her asshole for at least a minute until she motioned for me to come and kiss her. With a glob of cum still on my tongue, I stuck my tongue into her throat and we kissed.

I want to stress cleanliness. After we do anything involving anal play, especially analingus, we always wash our hands, brush our teeth, etc. Please be smart and do the same.

We were serious when we asked before if anyone has any sexual ideas we should try. I don't think either of us ever thought we'd run out of sexual fantasies and ideas but we're having trouble coming up with new ideas so please post yours and we'll try them out and report back.

- Jeremy

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Friday, October 28th, 2005
9:26 am - *X* What do our viewers want us to post? *X*
So far we've mostly been posting our recent sexual experiences but we'd like to know what you want us to post about. We've created our Memories section (click on "Profile" and then on "Memories") that will display any advice, tips, surveys, and other things like this and the journal will be mostly just for our sexual adventures. However, what do you want to see posted? We're curious what sexual topics interest you the most (vaginal, anal, foreplay, toys, etc) and we have a lot of knowledge and experience with most topics. Please comment or email us with what you'd like to see more of, less of, etc.

Expect another update or two this weekend!

~ Jeremy & Elysa ~

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
6:52 pm - Touch me tease me, feel me and caress me
I would kill for a massage right now. Not the normal kind though. I wish Jeremy were here to massage me with his tongue. I want to feel his tongue on my breasts, my stomach, my thighs. Down my spine and in my ass. I want to feel his tongue against my clit. I want an orgasm.

Yesterday I got super horny after sending Jeremy a sex survey, so I went and lay in bed with my girl and got to work. I started by rubbing my nipples gently, making myself wet. Then I rubbed my girl against my clit and felt the sweet vibrations I had been yearning for all day. Then, while using one hand to work my girl (the vibrator) I used the other one to tease my nipples, and then I began licking my nipple. (yes, I can lick my own nipple) I kept it up for a few minutes and then I started to feel a slight sensation climbing up my body. It got stronger and stronger and finally my legs shook and I stuck my girl deep inside my wet pussy and thrusted her in and out like she were Jeremy's hard cock. I used my other hand to massage my clit and controlled my screams. MINUTES later I was done cumming. I stuck my fingers inside my tight pussy and then licked them clean. I love tasting myself, especially when it comes from jeremy's mouth after he's eaten my pussy. I wish he were here to eat my pussy out, and make me scream his name.

I find it such a turn on for ME if I moan and scream his name while he spanks me as Im riding him. I want to be spanked so bad right now. I just want to get naked, bend over, and tell him "spank me". Trust me when I say, I ain't afraid to ask for what I want. And when I do it out of the blue it turns him on even more, which turns me on even more. If he were here right now I would do one or all of these things:
1. get naked, bend over and say "Spank me"
2. Whisper in his ear "I want to suck your dick"
3. "Eat me out before I explode"
4. "Suck on my nipples and finger my ass"

Wow I am so horny right now. I want to fuck. I want to be eaten out. I want to be spanked. I want Jeremy to finger my ass while I ride that big, hard cock of his. I can honestly say my man has such a big dick, and knows how to use it. Nothing feels better than his cock inside my wet pussy. mmm time to go get off with "my girl"


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11:19 am - *XXX* Men's Cum & Male Anal Stimulation *XXX*
Last week I mentioned the new sensation of licking Elysa's cum out of her pussy after she gets herself off. This week we agreed to try a few new sexual ideas also. As Elysa said the first time we tried it I came on her stomach and licked it off and kissed her while she licked it off my tongue and swallowed. A few days ago we were having our usual morning shower and as I was licking her clit, she grabbed my left hand and made me squeeze her tit and rub her nipples. Then she grabbed my other hand and put it on her ass and I fingered her. After a bit, I stood up and she knelt down and sucked my dick while looking in my eyes (god is that hot!) and she was licking my balls and stroking my dick. Just as I thought I was going to explode, she got up and turned me around. She grabbed the soap and started washing my back and then my ass and before I knew it she was gently rubbing my asshole. I know a lot of men would be opposed to this as they might feel it makes them seem "gay" or something like that but as most men know it's one of the most sensitive parts of a guys body. I wasn't sure if I'd like it but once I got used to the feeling it felt great, especially when she reached around and started stroking my dick while doing it. Wow! She actually got me so worked up that I decided to really let my inhibitions go and told her I wanted to cum in her mouth and then kiss her before she swallowed. We quickly got out of the shower and went straight to bed where I got on top of her chest and straddled her. She started sucking my dick and playing with her clit. Then I stuck my hard dick inside her wet pussy for a minute because I can't get enough of fucking her tight pussy. After a minute I told her I wanted to take her from behind so she got on her knees and I grabbed onto her ass while she grinded her hips against me until I was ready to cum. She quickly got back on her back and I straddled her chest and jacked off. Right as I was cumming, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked every last drop until I collapsed onto her. Then we kissed and I tasted my own cum and then she swallowed.

If you and your partner are very open with each other and have very few sexual inhibitions then I strongly suggest trying this!! You will ~not~ be disappointed!

- Jeremy

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Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
5:24 pm - Lick me like a lollipop
So we have found something else so incredibly hot that all of you should try. Jeremy had mentioned a new fantasy of his to me, and we changed it a little bit. He wanted us to fuck without a condom (which we don’t like doing for fear of pregnancy) and for him to cum inside of me after I’ve already cum, and then he would like inside of my pussy so he could taste both of us at once, and then kiss me. Some of you out there may be reading this and thinking “that’s gross” and I probably would too if I weren’t so turned on by it. So we changed the scenario a bit and instead fucked and Jeremy pulled out and came on my stomach and then licked it off of me and then kissed me. Mmmm it was sooo good. So hot. Turned me on even more, which lead Jeremy to eating out my wet pussy. I love it when he licks my clit and inside my pussy. I love feeling his head in between my thighs, and when he moves his head faster and faster and I grab on to his head and then I feel it. That warm sensation starting in my thighs and working its way up my body. I start moaning even louder and so does Jeremy. And all of the sudden there it is, and my legs shake and I feel the intense sensations throughout my body. And when I came, he stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy, tasting me. It felt so damn good. Later on he ate me out again (I’m so spoiled) and I videotaped it. I also videotaped him licking my nipple and fingering me. If we had a proper video camera you can bet we’d have a whole collection of homemade porn. God it’s hot. So hot. This morning we showered together as usual. We take turns washing each others bodies. And in between he’ll eat me out or suck on my tits. And in return, I’ll suck his dick and his balls. Mmmm I love that. I love taking him inside of my mouth and sucking and licking his big, hard cock. I love looking up at him and seeing the expression on his face. I love hearing him moan and when he tells me how incredible it feels. I love it so much that I’ve been sucking his cock all weekend it seems. I don’t usually finish him off though, just enough to get him good and hard so that he can fuck me hard. I love fucking him. This afternoon I was sucking his dick as he stood up and I got on my knees. I would have finished but I was getting too wet so I starting giving him a handjob while I took off my pants and promptly bent over for him on the bed. He ate me out a little to make sure I was good and wet, and then he fucked me and thrusted nice and hard and fast. Then I lay flat on the bed on my stomach and he held my legs in the air and fucked me like that. It was incredible. I love it cuz when he cums he collapses onto me and I kiss him as I continue to grind against him, so that I make sure every drop of cum is out of his dick. Once again, writing about this is getting me horny. Think I’m gonna go get my girl out and have some fun while Jeremy is studying. Wouldn’t that be a distraction! ~Elysa~

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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
9:21 pm - Just an update


ell I know in my last entry I said hopefully Jeremy would read what I was writing and get the hint. And sure enough he did. And fuck was it amazing.



e ate me out and licked my clit. We 69’d so I could suck his dick and lick his balls just like he likes. I LOVE licking and sucking on his balls. Just thinking about taking his balls into my mouth and sucking on them slowly and then licking them and sucking on his dick is making me wet. God I wish he were here. I think I’m going to have to go grab my “girl” and have some fun solo until Jeremy gets here. Anyway, back to the original topic at hand. I rode him for a bit nice and slow and then super fast. I like changing it up on him… makes him want me more you know? Then he got on top of me and fucked me hard while he fingered my ass. It felt soooo good. I highly recommend it.



’m trying to think of new things to try with Jeremy or just things we haven’t done in awhile. I really want him to eat me out. I love it when he licks my clit and puts his warm wet tongue into my wet pussy. I love it when he eats me out and moans with me. Shows me that he’s enjoying it as much as I am. And I love it when he licks my entire body, starting with my neck and then all the way down my body to my toes and in between to my stomach and my pussy and my ass. I can’t wait for him to kiss me and finger me and fuck me hard. I can’t wait for us to shower together and wash each others bodies.


nyone with any suggestions for Jeremy and I to try out, please email us or post a comment and we’ll be sure to try em out and let you know how it goes.



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